Yummy food!

We stock a range of pet food for dogs, cats and smaller creatures such as guinea pigs and rabbits (not so small sometimes, we know!) from leading, good brands such as Arden Grange, Burns, Lilly’s Kitchen, Orijen, Acana and Barking Heads (grain free range) to name a few.

Where is the usual stuff…?

The reason we don’t stock some of the popular brands that are widely available in bigger pet shops and supermarkets, is because being such large companies they are not so transparent on their ethics and animal welfare. We would like to give our customers an alternative to support smaller manufacturers, which pay more attention to the quality of their product and the way in which it’s made.

Special needs

If your pet requires a special vet recommended diet, come in and tell us all about it as we may be able to recommend an alternative brand, which caters for this kind of diet.

Pretty stuff

We also sell a range of pet accessories, such as collars and leashes; functional raincoats and woolly jumpers for those cold and rainy walks as well as frisbies and water bottles for the warm and sunny ones. But also lovely and cosy beds and blankets for those sleepy and cuddly evenings at home! Some of the brands that we stock are LoveMyDog, Hugo & Hennie, Creature Clothes, Planet Dog, BeccoThings etc.